The BEST Fonts To Use On The Web

You will find millions of websites that use good fonts and depending on the type of content they offer will depend on the type of font they use. Choosing a good font is the difference between an average looking website and an excellent looking website, using good typography is just as important as any other aspect of web design. If you are looking for a good font that is going to make your website look as twice as good, have a look at the 10 most popular fonts used across the web today:

  1. Open Sans – This is a font provided by Google Web Fonts and is one of the most popular fonts available. This particular font is used on millions of websites around the world which just goes to show its popularity.
  2. Josefin Slab – This font is very slim and is used by a variety of websites as the main body font.
  3. Arvo – This font is popular among website users and print users which goes to show its wide variety of uses.
  4. Lato – Lato is a great font for those looking to only use the one font across their whole website as it provides a nice skinny font and a nice bold font which can be used in headers and as bold characters.
  5. Abril Fatface – The Abril Fatface font is perfect for those looking for a font that looks like a magazine type font. This font would work well for a fashion site or a latest news site.
  6. Ubunto – You may have heard of the Ubunto operating system, well now it has its own font so users who love Ubunto can use its font on their websites, this is a perfect font for those that run a technology type website.
  7. Droid Sans – The Droid Sans font is nice and bold and is perfect for a variety of websites thanks to its slim text settings. This font can be used with all of the common characters so it’s a good choice as a multi-purpose font.
  8. Anivers – The Anivers font isn’t particularly one of the most popular fonts on the market yet but it is quickly becoming popular and it’s only a matter of time before it’s one of the most common fonts around. The Anivers font is a really nice basic font that provides users with a variety of uses, and also has settings to make text italic, bold, and normal.
  9. Junction – The junction font is a nice slim font that has the sans-serif face build of common fonts. This font is great for any modern blog that can be used as the main body font for almost any website.
  10. Aller – The Aller font provides a variety of settings such a bold, italic, regular, Light, and Display which makes it the perfect font for any user looking to use the same font across the whole website that is going to let them alter it slightly.

In conclusion, there are thousands of fonts to choose from and depending on the type of website you have will depend on the type of font you use. The above 10 fonts are some of the most popular or are quickly becoming popular among a variety of websites today. It’s always good to research and download multiple fonts for anyone looking to better their design skills and if you are already a serious designer then it’s very recommended to buy a font pack that contains some of the most popular website fonts available on the market.

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