10 Best Web Design Blogs

There are plenty of benefits to a web designer if they were to follow some of the best web design blogs in the world. You might get some invaluable tips to make you a better designer, you might get some much needed inspiration, and you might even get the odd freebie. If you are looking for some of the top web design blogs to follow, have a look at the following 10 that will help you on your way.

  • Creative bloq – The Creative Blog is primarily for those designers looking to get creative with their designs. This blog provides designers with plenty of tips and creative inspiration that will allow you to create some of the weird and wonderful web applications around.
  • Smashing Magazine – Smashing Magazine might already be well-known to you when it comes to web design tips, and it is still one of the most popular web design blogs out there that will provide you with loads of benefits. You will be presented with plenty of free downloads and news when it comes to web design industry thanks to Smashing Magazine.
  • SitePoint – You may have heard of SitePoint thanks to its once very popular marketplace that allowed web designers and developers to showcase some of their services that were on offer. As a premium member of SitePoint, you will gain access to hundreds of tutorials in not only the web design niche, but also the web programming and many others. So you will be able to better multiple web development skills using SitePoint.
  • Hongkiat – This blog provides many tutorials and resources for basic and the more experienced designers.
  • Web Designer’s Depot – This web design blog has been around for a while now and is well-known thanks to all of the resources and web design news it provides its users.
  • Design Beep – If you are looking for any web design inspiration then this is the place to get it. It has plenty of resources and tips that will help even the most experienced of designers.
  • From Up North – This fantastic website provides plenty of inspiration for anybody that seeks it. This website is filled with all of the latest web design standards and logos that designers have designed around the world.
  • Co.Design – Co.Design is based more towards web design industry news and provides plenty of interesting blog posts surrounding business and web design.
  • Tuts+ – Tuts+ is the perfect resource for anyone looking to better not only their web design skills, but plenty of other web development skills in the process.
  • Codrops – Codrops is another resource filled website that consists of plenty of freebies to designers of all levels. You will be able to find anything on this site from simple tutorials to free icon pack downloads.

The above blog sites are 10 of the most popular online at the moment and they all offer something different than their competitors. If you are looking for specific resources or free downloads when it comes to web design, have a look at the above blogs and you can be certain you will find everything you are looking for.