Good Design Makes Everything Better

There are so many important aspects of web design that not a lot of experienced designers even know about. Just the smallest detail in any web design could be the difference of gaining a customer and losing one. Many people think that claim is a little bit exaggerated but it is a fact, unless you make a good first impression you aren’t going to gain another client – the chances are you will not be presented with a second chance with the same client, and they will end up choosing one of your competitors. A perfect web design has many advantages to any business, and here are a few of those advantages:

  • Better search engine rankings – Of course, programming a website design is needed to make it live, and if the design is too complex, then that often means chunks of unnecessary code creep into the website. Google and other search engines don’t value websites that are slow or contain outdated coding techniques so it’s important that when designing your website, you also take into account that it also needs to be programmed using the latest standards.
  • First impressions – One of the most important points to consider when building a website is that first impressions count for everything. It’s like meeting a new woman for the first time, if she doesn’t find you attractive or you have bad habits, she will quickly walk in the other direction. The same happens with your website, if it makes good first impressions to the visitors then the chances are you will have a new customer.
  • Visitors will take you seriously – If your website is the base of all operations, then you will need to spend time and money in getting it perfect. This means using all of the latest programming practises that will involve making your site 100% responsive for potential customers that use devices other than computers to view your website. If customers don’t feel you’ve made sufficient effort in the design and coding of your website, then they will quickly look towards one of your competitors to suit their needs.
  • Greater revenue – You will quickly find that investing more time and money in getting your website right will pay dividends. Your customers will see that you are serious about the business and that will in turn provide you with much more business regardless of the industry you are in. If your website is much better than your competitors, then there is only one winner in the industry, and that is you.
  • Easy to sell the website – If your business doesn’t succeed or you end up taking a different direction, then a good web design also has the added benefit of being able to sell it with ease. There are many web design marketplaces out there and the site can be listed within a few minutes and later sold for a profit, or at least you will get some of the investment back for what you paid for it. If it’s not a great design then you won’t get anything back for it and you will lose your original investment.
  • Building partnerships – There many come a time when you want to expand your business or you may look to building relationships with specific partners. It’s important to have a great web design so people can take your proposals seriously.

In the real world some businesses are taking principles of good design from the web and applying the to the way they display and design physical products on their websites. A good example of this is the yoga mat ecommerce website Harmony Yoga Mats. Which displays their mats using CGI (computer generated images) rather than actual photos to ensure the quality of the design is correctly perceived.

Those above points are just a few benefits of having a good web design and you will find that there are plenty more to go with it. Whether you have designed the website yourself or you have spent money in getting it perfect, it’s always important to do and it will pay dividends for you in the future, whether that’s from gaining new clients or you are looking to sell the site and build a new one. Having a good web design is the most important aspect of any online business venture and truly is the difference in making a business succeed or it failing in the near future. The trick is to invest in a professionally made website that is going to wow your clients, and if the business still doesn’t succeed then it is possible to sell it to get your original investment back.